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Become an associate of Imaging Masterclasses and join a group of like-minded individuals who want to persue academic excellence, work for maternal and child welfare, continue striving for high imaging quality and work for betterment of society at large without self interest.

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  1. Becoming an associate of Imaging Masterclasses is free of charge at the moment.
  2. The board of the directors of IM reserve the right to fix a charge for becoming an associate of IM. The amount and mode of payment will be at the sole discretion of the directors.
  3. Imaging Masterclasses will not have any financial or educational obligation to any of its associates.
  4. No person who becomes an associate of Imaging Masterclasses can claim any financial or educational rights from the organization.
  5. I understand that by becoming an associate of Imaging Masterclasses,
    I am joining a group of professionals who selflessly want to pursue continued academic excellence for enhancing my skills as a specialist in high quality imaging.
    I also affirm that by investing my time and energy into this subject , I will spread the virtue of this knowledge at large.